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Pria's Travels Plan

I really enjoy traveling. I like it even better when I am going to visit family. though i would love to travel to London. I have never been and I have always wanted to go. I love their accents and it is a very beautiful place. one day I even want to live there but my goal is to travel there for now. When I do travel there i already have a set plan on what I would like to do once I get there. A full day of exciting fun!!!

Here is a list of other places I would love to visit

  1. Hawaii
  2. Canada
  3. Africa
London Itiniery
8 amRise and Shine
9 amBreakfast
10 amGo see Big Ben
11 amBuckingham Palace
12 pmNap
1 pmBritish Museum
3 pmTake a walk around London
5 pmShower
6 pmDinner
8 pmwatch the stars
9 pmBed Time

Here is an image of London